Violence in Colonial Boston

        Dr. Nathaniel Sheidley, Director of Public History at the Bostonian Society, admits that although 18th century Boston was “more rough-and-tumble than our time;” he goes further, however, that “violence in the streets involving citizens and soldiers was not routine. When incidents like the Boston Massacre occurred, they were considered major civic disturbances, with significant political repercussions.” The game, in contrast, portrays violence as a much more common occurrence as players find soldiers beating citizens, executing dissidents, and attempting to kill one very strangely dressed Native American.

        This video is real game footage of Assassin's Creed III, showing Conner (the protagonist) cutting down a crowd of redcoats in a way that would have been extremely uncharacteristic of Colonial Boston.

Do you agree with your original claim based on this evidence? In other words, do you believe that the inaccuracy in the levels of violence in this place and time in history distorts our understanding of Colonial Boston and its significance in the American Revolution?